About  Us

ROCK'N BINGO is the BBQ'd steak eggs and chips mix of comedy, music and crowd interaction. If you like the idea of your friends, punters or colleagues making a twat of themselves as they play air guitar to your favorite GNR's or ACDC number Bogan Bingo may just be the night for you.

BE ready to rock out to all your old school rock songs and join in the b*stardised version of all the traditional Bingo calls that we’ve come to know or um… STUFF UP

Be warned this is more than your usual boring ole trivia night or Karaoke show, our evening includes air guitar competitions, comedy, Karaoke and loads of sweet az games that allow punters the chance to win free drinks, sausage rolls, cheap porn and fluffy dice

Participants are encouraged swear like troopers & drag out their ‘spray on peel off black jeans’ Ugg Boots and Guns and Roses , ACDC - shirts and come along dressed for the occasion.